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The Service

  1. Who can use the duty free pre-ordering?

    All passangers travelling through the airport. Exception are domestic flights in Switzerland.

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  2. Is the pre-ordering a binding transaction?

    No, this is only pre-ordering, it is not binding transaction, the transaction is only concluded after picking up the goods and paying in the store, at the airport.

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  3. How does the service work?

    It’s very simply, simply browse around the website, find articles and offers suiting your expectations, add them to the basket, when checking out tell us the date of your departure and select the most convinient pick-up point. Come and pick up your order at the airport, on your way to the flight.

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  4. Can I return good I bought?

    On principle yes, the same return policies apply as to regular in store shopping, ask our customer service or sale staff.

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  5. Do I need to register?

    Yes, in order to make pre-order you have to create an account, this is because due to the duty free regulation it is mandatory for us to get information about your flight. The duty free shopping is only available for travellers.

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  6. Why my flight details and my date of birth are necessary?

    The duty free products are only available for travellers flying internationally, therefore by asking you for the filght detail we make sure we can actually conclude the transaction. Birth of date helps us to determine if we can allow minor users to pre-order liquor and tobacco products.

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  7. Can I use the reservation service if I am minor age?

    Yes, except for liquor and tobacco products.

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My pre-orders

  1. How far in advance can I make a reservation?

    You can place your pre-order earliest 30 days before your flight.

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  2. How many reservations can I make?

    Generally, there is no limit to your pre-orders, you should however keep in mind the allowances limits as specified here. Note that you may have to pay the additional duty and taxes differences if you exceed those limits.

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  3. Can I cancel/modify my reservation?

    Cancellation is possible, you can do it from your account, after logging in. Other types of modifications are not possible.

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  4. Where can I track my reservations?

    You can do it in your uses account.

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Payment and taxes

  1. When do I have to pay?

    The payment is happening in the store, at the airprot, when you pick-up your pre-order.

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  2. Which are the payment methods allowed?

    Cash – with the major currencies or any of the major credit cards.

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  3. Do I pay any additional taxes on the prices visible on the website?

    No, the prices you see here are final, there are no taxes added on them.

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  4. Can the price change?

    No, the prices on the website and on your pre-order confirmation will be exactly the ones you will be charged in the store, when you will be picking-up your goods.

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At the airport

  1. Where do I pick-up and purchase my reservactions?

    Your pre-ordered goods will be packed and ready for collection at the pick-up point you selected when placing the pre-order. You can see the location on your pre-order confirmation, if you have difficulties finding the pick-up point give us a call or ask anyone of our sale staff in the duty free shop, they will be happy to assist you to your pick-up point.

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  2. Can I amened my reservations at the airport?

    You are welcome to add any goods you find in the store to your pre-order and pay for everything together.

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  3. What happend if I can not pick up my order?

    Nothing, as specified in this FAQ – the pre-ordering is not a binding transaction, if you don’t pick-up your goods on the date of your flight it will simply be cancelled without any additional fees or consequences.

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  4. Can someone else collect the order on my behalf?

    No, you need to pick-up your goods in person, this is due to the fact that we need to be sure that you actually are eligible for duty free shopping.

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